Sunday, November 16, 2014


Here's what I want to share..

Episode 1 :

Although reference to emulate isn't too clear.. but still I love it. No matter what, I'll do my best to paint as I imagine it could be.. Saying good luck to myself!..

Giving life to the imagination that runs wild.. - Maba Jaffar

Cewah!.. belajar2 buat 'art quote', boleh ke macam tu..?

 I always communicate to the canvas, brushes and paints..
While working on this piece something interesting playing in my mind. I imagine having this and that in the painting. That my friends, I’ll treat as an exercise or opportunities for me to better my skills. I am a student and also a teacher at the same time. Could I accomplish or could I not ?..
A lot more to go.. Nonetheless, cheer up and have fun maba!..

 "It's time to make Art. My Soul is hungry." Ber'santai' again..

 This is my latest painting 'work in progress'.. Doesn't change much right?..

Things get harder and very challenging once again.. I couldn't continue unless I give myself a break, or I might lost control.. Taking a deeeeeeeeep breath in and bloooooowing it all out..

Of course I'm not giving up.. to be continued if and only if I'm ready again..


Asking myself : Should I continue with this piece (WIP) or should I start a new one?..  

 .. some new idea is playing in my vision.. but that of course will be cathegorised as a 'series'.. perhaps 'Keep Me Wild' is running 'wild' again.. or perhaps also that might be my project for solo exhibition.. (Berangan2 dah aku..)

To be continued in the next episode.. Stay tuned.. :-)

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