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My family and I invited some close friends to our house, on 11th March 2006, to share some of the paintings and artworks.

We exhibited the paintings all around in the living hall of the house. We also made some souvenir, such as decorative keychains for schoolbags, wooden keychains that were also hand-made by me with helped from my husband and some hand-painted wooden combs and mirrors.

One of my sons, Aan was the one who painted the combs and mirrors with theme of "Safari". Examples, he has given names like tiger stripes, bird's feathers and so on.

I also painted some life forms on pebbles. Besides displaying them as decoration, those pebbles can also be used as "paper weight". I managed to sell all 8 pieces. I also named them as Red Panda, Sleeping deer, Mouse, Badger, Pangolin, Sleeping lion, Tiger and Tiger Head. Unfortunately i could not show them here, because we have forgotten to take pictures of them.

We managed to sell 5 pieces of the artworks, during the so called exhibition.

1. Serenity (painted by my husband) was bought by Cik Mimie.
1. Pitcher Plant (painted by my husband also) was bought by Encik Jefry
3. A glass bowl of apples, (painted by me) was bought by Puan Inner
4. Poppy field in the morning sky was bought by Puan Zarina
5. Bunga Kuning was bought by Encik Hatta

Few days after the private "exhibition", another 2 pieces were bought by Puan Jenny Chuah(our friend) who was absent on the event. The paintings were named as "Shell I" and "Shell II". Then came Encik Rosli (our friend), he was interested for the "Pastor Jack".

It was a successful "exhibition", we thought. I was glad so did my husband and children. A great amount of gratitude is due to my friends who are among the art lovers and who have decided to collect and owned some of our artworks.

Since then, I was encouraged to further displaying to the outsiders my artworks. 

Hand-painted combs

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