Saturday, February 14, 2015


Well, viewers and art lovers out there, here's another news to share and a continuation...

Do you want to know what happen to those two paintings displayed here earlier in 'WHAT'S NEXT'.. and  'WHAT'S NEXT' II ?..

I have sent them to this venue.. :-)

I'm not going to show you the completed paintings here now,.. but if you really want to have a close look then I'm inviting you to visit to this place because they are being exhibit since 14th January and will end till 14 April. this year.  Many more other paintings of mine, are...

                                 One of the paintings :


This I've given the title "The Perfect Melody".. Here's the narration about the painting..

I imagine the roots and branches of this mangrove as an orchestra. When the wind blows the branches and the waves hit the roots, they produce sounds that resemble a Perfect Melody...

- Maba Jaffar


Certainly, this is going to be an indelibly history for me in this showground, as I am glad to be chosen on a Solo exhibition for the 'first' time. 

It is a collaboration with Pullman's art program ARTIST @ PULLMAN HOTEL PUTRAJAYA in conjunction with the Malaysia Year of Festival 2015.

Will let you know the 'Launching Date' soon.........  :-)


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