Monday, January 23, 2012

Some of My Paintings

Careful thought is important in naming or giving a title to a painting. It gives a special touch and feeling to the viewer. It sometimes acts as a bridge between the viewer and the painting.

What comes first – the egg or the chicken? Well it usually depends. Some artists figure out a name before painting, especially poster art or whimsical art. Most of us paint first and give a title later when the painting is completed. Sometimes a title pops up in the middle of the work. No matter what, the right title gives a good understanding and it makes a difference, because the title is part of the art.

Title for a painting can be sentimental, factual, abstract or mysterious. It sometimes shows feelings (happy, sad, love or hatred).

Artists set up a series of title possibilities. With titles artists translate what should be seen or understood in their paintings.

Giving title to an abstract art can be challenging. The formal values of the artwork itself may be mentioned, especially in the colour choice, whether warm colour or cool colour is being used. Imagination is very much important in doing so. Brief, short and yet mysterious.

However, whatever the title may be, an art is a valuable thing, which deserves appreciation. “A picture shows a thousand words”. As an artist myself I truly believe that a right title gives the right thought, thus I will try my best in doing so. Happy viewing some of my art pieces. 

- Maba

Category : GENERAL

Apples in Paperbag

Ancient Stairs

Please Close The Gate!..

Banana Tree

Category :WILDLIFE



The Siblings

Another World On Earth

Free Surfing

Category : FLORA




Cinquefoil and Wild honeysuckle

Medium Yellow Sunflowers with brown eyes

Pink Roses

Lavatera trimestris Hybrid


Parennial Geranium and Tulips 



Serenity 2

Serenity 3

Serenity 4

Garden Pathway

If a Bridge Could Speak..

Golden Canopy


Waterfall 2

Waterfall 3

Tropical Tranquility


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