Sunday, August 29, 2010

From : ArtMalaysia Magazine Issue 08 June - July 2010

From watercolours, she moved on to acrylics to paint her favourite subject: Nature. Maba loves greenery and her verdant gardent is a testament to that, made lively by her sugar gliders and birds. In the interiors of her house, her paintings adorn the walls, and it is apparent she has tried her hand in a variety of approaches to the subject; there are landscapes, underwater and tropical rainforest scenes, flowers and plants, animals, still life... Maba has a love for painting details that she admits makes it difficult for her to paint plein air. One highlight at her works is a series on Malaysian wildlife that is both educational and narrative, the completing of this series meant Maba had visit the zoo for research purposes, yet she couldn't be happier doing so, in order to promote her adoration for flora and fauna.

Books, internet tutorials, observing others and constant practice sums up Maba's art education, this self-taught artist did not receive any formal training and her passion for painting was her major motivator. As a full-time mother and homemaker, Maba paints during her free time in her studio on the upper level of her house, which was specifically renovated to accommodate her love for painting. Her family are very supportive of her efforts (her husband and brother are both painters as well) and even help out when they can.

Maba is at her happiest when painting, she feels relaxed as her problems begin to fade with each stroke of the brush. Going with the flow is Maba's preferred way of living, and so far that mantra has worked well for her. While painting as a hobby, she also accepted commissions from organisations such as Agro Bank.

The World Wide Web plays an important role in Maba's art; she is active on the internet and discovered many friends with similar interests online. In fact it was through the encouragement of some international web-pals that she started up her own gallery.

Maba is actually a pseudonym of both her and her husband's name; her given name is Mas. Maba intends to explore t-shirt design next in an entrepreneurial capacity; artistically she wants to try her hand at portraiture. We look forward to her development as an artist.

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