Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dedication and Thanks

I begin with my deepest gratitude to the One and Only for blessing me with a little knowledge in art, painting in particular. This has been a precious gift by the Greatest Artist of all, the Creator.

Before I got seriously involved in painting I was simply an ordinary art admirer. I was one of the many people who bought artwork just to fill up the empty spaces on the wall. Gradually, I became more selective in my choice. I tend to be more fascinated to those that are “connected” to me. This craze had prompted me to explore art not just by procuring but by involving. I started painting as a hobby. I’d feel satisfied just to see my work on the wall or to share the displays with friends and family members. Since I have stopped being an employee, I have more time to seriously devote in my new found obsession. I wouldn’t have come this far if not for the encouragement and support from those dearest to me.

Many have contributed.

I would like to express my unending thanks to my dear husband for all his full support and time. I’m also thankful to my dearest children, Aan, Azie, Iz and Chaah (nicknames) for their patience and help. They are my photographers, part-time web operators, friends, critics and mentors. As for replenishment and resources, my hubby is always there to lend a hand.

In their free time, they’d help me do the countless house chores, as I am also a fulltime housewife. They are my beacons in the storm, guiding me and keeping me on track, no matter how unpleasant the situation may be, at times. My stubbornness, hard work and energy spent have been so worthwhile. Love you all.

Not to forget our ever willing web-developer-cum-webmaster, Redza (a dear friend), for his tremendous effort, time and patience in meeting my requests and temperament. I appreciate that, bro’.

I owe a great deal to the biggest community and library on the planet, the “Internet”, for its vast knowledge and information.

Also on my list are my supportive kin and pals: my beloved mother; my youngest brother, Ucu (nickname), for his invaluable contributions; and the rest of the family; my friends and friends among friends of my children; and last but none the least, my valued art appreciators.

It is your encouragement and appreciation that keep me going. YOU have helped me increase my acquaintance, made me happier and more satisfied, among other things.

For the love of art, I keep telling myself to do the best and succeed in my endeavour. I surrender all to God, Bounteous, Omniscient.



aimi said...

:D Nice update!

Maba Gallery said...

Thank You Aimi for your kind words and comment. Really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...
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