Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Flowers Around My House

Plants and flowers come in various shapes, sizes and colours. Whatever their natural appearance maybe, they are constantly being revered by people and beasts alike. I love plants, flowers and wildlife, especially birds and fishes. They really steal my heart.

Although I seldom attend to our garden, it often rewards us with rich blooms and colours. I'm pleased to share with you some of the beauties our garden has to offer.

I am always amazed by God's artwork. It never fails to give me inspiration to paint. That's partly the reason why I chose one of the plants to be on my website banner. It was my husband's idea as the plant, "Rangoon Creeper", has been growing so well over our front pergola. Here are images of a photo and a painting of the plant.

Before anybody enters our front door, he or she is first greeted by its blossoms and fragrance. Similarly, I'd like to welcome my guests, by presenting this beautiful flora.

Rangoon creeper (Quisqualis indica), or akar dani in Malay, is an evergreen (in warmer climates) creeping shrub that can reach as much as 70 feet in tropical climates. It flowers throughout the summer with fragrant blossoms (especially at night) that open white, darken to pink and eventually red. This plant needs support for growing and is very useful in covering fences, pergolas, trellis supports, and walls.

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ERICOLA said...

hallo und unbekannterweise ein netter gruß aus saarbrücken. wünsche eine sonnige, jedoch nicht zu heiße woche mit viel speiseeis und wenig arbeit.
nette grüße