Monday, June 16, 2008

Art Lover



Do you like art?
I love art, especially sceneries. I paint with acrylic. Painting with acrylic is fun. Although I also employ water colour sometimes. I like to paint waterfalls, lovely landscapes, cozy woods and more.

While painting, I always try to maintain a positive thought. Only with positive thoughts we can set our mind in good frame. That's what people say, and I tend to agree with them, if we want to produce good paintings. I would like to share with you some of my artworks. One of my earlier paintings was the "Kereta Lembu" (bullock-cart).

I started painting after quiting my previous job as a programmer, about four years ago. It started with a hobby, but now it has become a serious occupation. My interest in art started since young. My artworks were always hung on the wall by my art teacher.

Not everyone is born an artist, that's what I thought. With time and practice I began to develop my skill. Besides painting on my own, I learned some basic skills through the Internet and books.

I choose to draw what comes into my mind. I may not be a good artist but I will always try to improve my technique.

You can see some of my works via facebook link

Enjoy viewing! I appreciate your comments.


Anonymous said...

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Aimi said...

Salam, aunty,

BEAUTIFUL, pro-like paintings!!!
Caya lah!

-Aimi Ho :)